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About BitXgo

Pearl - For 30 days
0.2083% Hourly Profit

Silver - For 30 days
6% Daily Profit

Gold - For 60 days
300% Monthly Profit

Bitxgo is dynamic and promising company on the cryptocurrency market. We are looking for integrated solutions for successful investments in equipment and organization the process of crypto mining.The company forms the core backbone of Bitcoin, ensuring the digital currency's integrity and successfully trades through exchange platforms.

Today Bitxgo runs on a Blockchain, a decentralized and public ledger of every transaction made on the network. By offering processing power towards this, our members get a chance to earn Bitcoins on a daily basis or after certain periods because of assembling and using ever-more sophisticated and powerful equipment to mine popular types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoine. The convenient geographical location of our warehouses and possession of a dozen mining rigs provide a low cost of the process and make us competitive. The rest for us does Bitcoin growth on the market.

Bitxgo’s mission is to make cloud mining widely available, we will popularize idea of using cryptocurrency in everyday life and help Bitcoin to become a full payment instrument. Together we can do more, join us!


On the website of Bitxgo company which presents its investment program. If you've already heard about the existence of alternative payment methods, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, you should know that millions of people around the world not only pay for goods and services using them, but also make good money in the process of crypto mining and trading on popular e-currency exchanges.