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Affiliate Program

Pearl - For 30 days
0.2083% Hourly Profit

Silver - For 30 days
6% Daily Profit

Gold - For 60 days
300% Monthly Profit

Don't have enough money to make own a deposit? Despite the fact that the company has developed sufficiently flexible investment system, not all of our clients are cryptocurrency users. Perfect solution to get started with Bitcoin - get first Satoshi absolutely free! This is possible because the affiliate program of BitXgo Limited.

After registering on the website, each user receives a unique affiliate link in his personal account. You can use this link to register other investors.

It works quite simply. You place your unique link (or bright animated banners, which are also available in your account) on your website, at numerous forums on investment or just share this link with your friends. As soon as someone clicks on your link and pass the registration procedure, he automatically becomes your referral.

It remains to wait until your referral will start investing. Regardless of the amount of his deposit you will receive a 5% commission immediately after the addition. For example, if your referral made deposit with 1 Bitcoin, you get a reward in the amount of 0.05 Bitcoin.

We offer a one-tier system. This means that you will earn a commission only on your direct referrals. However, if your referral makes another deposit, you will receive 5% of its amount again.

Thus, you can earn even without own deposit! Affiliate commission can be withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet, or used to make a new deposit.


On the website of Bitxgo company which presents its investment program. If you've already heard about the existence of alternative payment methods, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, you should know that millions of people around the world not only pay for goods and services using them, but also make good money in the process of crypto mining and trading on popular e-currency exchanges.